Do you want to explore the island by foot, by bike, by boat or by horse? There are so many fun and pleasurable activities you can do in Port Ottiolu to spend your days.

Riding a bike

Riding a bike

Walking by foot or riding a bike

So many splendid paths await you to explore by foot or by bike: towards the seafront, along the beautiful beaches, pine forests and ponds, where pink flamingos reside now almost all year round or in the unspoilt nature of the enchanting bay paths towards rocky and natural pools where you can swim, surrounded by the scents of the Mediterranean, between gorse and myrtle plants. This year we are organizing for our customers the aperitif-bike ride: you can cycle for about two hours in the direction of Budoni starting at around 5 p.m. (when the sun is not so hot) and stop for an aperitif with the guide who will enable you to discover otherwise hidden paths.

Trekking  Capo Ceraso

Trekking Capo Ceraso

Trekking and climbing in the mountains or by the sea

If you love trekking bring with you a pair of comfortable shoes. The possibilities for trekking are varied. Immersed in sensational natural environments with stunning sceneries and a rich history, accompanied by qualified guides. The most popular offered are: the lagoon of St.Teodoro, the Isle of Tavolara, Monte Nieddu, the Oasis Usinavà and Gorroppu, Tiscali, Cala Luna.



Scuba diving and snorkeling In the little port square there is a diving center, that offers assistance and organizes diving trips and underwater diving courses, that follows the teachings of the Internationally recognized NASE scuba training organization. The Dives are performed primarily within the Marine Protected Tavolara – Capo Coda Cavallo departing from the Port of Ottiolu..

Sailing boat

Sailing boat

Sailing boat or dinghy excursions

Excursions are available on a sailing boat and dinghy directly from the port of Ottiolu in the inlets surrounding the enchanting island of Tavolara and “pools” of Molara so named because of its turquoise water. You can rent a dinghy and sailing boat with a skipper. Additionally in Tavolara, you can go on interesting excursions by foot to the massive Punta Cannone, the highest peak of the island. Choose the type of trip you would like.

Kite surf   in San Teodoro

Kite surf in San Teodoro

Kite andWindsurf in the northwest and the southeast 

Kite and windsurfing can be practiced anywhere, except where explicitly prohibited or where the shoreline is not large enough to ensure safe maneuvering, departure and return. At La Cinta beach  there is a kite zone licensed by the Marine Protected Area.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga

News: this year while on vacation, you have the chance to carve out space to devote to the practice of balancing the body and mind. Yoga an ancient discipline, takes care of you, it gives balance, inner calm, increases strength and flexibility and above all, greater awareness. We organize hatha yoga classes for groups or individual classes with a qualified teacher.

Sasha  in the riding stable

Sasha in the riding stable

Horse riding

excursions are a fun and entertaining way to learn about Sardinia and stay in full contact with nature. Whether you are novices or experienced riders, big or small, you will have the opportunity to discover, on horseback or pony, the beautiful beaches, pine forests and ponds on the coast of Port Ottiolu, and in Agrustos Budoni, the wild areas and picturesque mountains of Gallura and Barbagia. The nearest horse riding center is located in the town of Agrustos only a kilometer away from Ottiolu and a few meters from the beach.


The sports center has tennis & volleyball courts and football pitches.

Beach party

Beach party


There are so many events to participate in: music, cinema and folk festivals, plus food and wine events. Some interesting fixed appointments are: The Tavolara Film Festival, The Feast of the Lagoon of San Teodoro, The Sagra del Mirto in Brunella, which are just to name a few. In Ottiolu bars and restaurants, music and cultural events await you while the nightlife in san Teodoro offers a myriad of trendy bars and nightclubs.

"Festival delle isole che parlano"

“Festival delle isole che parlano”